WordPress vs. Joomla

wordpress vs joomla
WordPress vs Joomla: Which website platform is right for your new website?


Thinking of building a new website for your business or upgrading your present site? Here’s a quick comparison of the most widely used content management systems (CMS).

WordPress and Joomla are both open-source software. Open source has 3 distinct advantages:

  1. The software is maintained and developed by a community of thousands. Passionate people continuously supporting and improving the software that gives them a living.
  2. They’re free to download and use. No licensing fees, no monthly or yearly costs to use the software.
  3. One can add on plug-ins which boost the functionality of the website and enliven the end-user’s experience. Adding plug-ins is an easy and quick task and will add a professional air to the website.

WordPress and Joomla have different strengths. WordPress is a great all around software on which one can build a professional brochure type site, e-commerce site, forum, or membership site. WordPress is also pretty easy for a novice to learn and use. For a complex and highly customized site, Joomla may be better suited.

Both software platforms have a large following. It’s guesstimated that between 27 to 30% of all new websites built are built on WordPress. With the wide range of features and options available from both of these content management systems, your new website will look professional and have all the bells and whistles that make readers come back for more.



WordPress started as a blogging platform, and has since evolved into a full CMS website platform. With more and more themes being released every day, you’re sure to find one that will fit your pocketbook and your dream.

Examples of large WordPress sites are SocialMediaExaminer.com, Business.Blogs.CNN.com, NewYorkObserver.com

One doesn’t need to be a “techy” to use WordPress. Once a site is built it’s pretty intuitive to put up a blog post and format the content. The page and post editor is a WYSIWYG editor and is very similar to Microsoft Word.

While it’s easy to use, it’s also very powerful. Sites can be built quickly and efficiently. Sites do not have to be changed or managed by a webmaster. Clients can easily manage their own websites.

Ease of use and professional looks & features make WordPress a wise platform to use for the majority of websites.



User friendly, but not quite as easy to use as WordPress.  Joomla is able to build more complex, robust websites than WordPress.

Examples of Joomla sites are www.IHop.com and GSAS.Harvard.edu.

Joomla is relatively uncomplicated to install and setup. It’s relatively easy to create fairly complex, attractive websites in Joomla. Designed as a community platform, it has strong social networking features. Joomla also supports e-commerce.


Here at Clark Marketing Solutions we build WordPress and Joomla sites. We can help you build your new website, from simple sites, to more robust sites that include all the bells and whistles. From the graphic design elements, to content creation, to coding and hosting, Clark Marketing Solutions can help your company create a compelling web presence.

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