Social Media and SEO for Your Website

social media and seo
To raise your search engine rank, use social media to build relevant, high ranking, incoming links to your website.

Social media and SEO (search engine optimization) – Can you ever have enough traffic to your website?  This year alone there have been a couple of large changes to the Google rules of engagement for search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, which could greatly effect the traffic your site receives.

Have you been able to stay current with the SEO changes on your website?  By staying current, you can reap the benefits of what SEO can do for your business.

Google Penguin has made social media more important than ever.  This latest algorithm modification discounted low value back links from low ranking sites and sources.  Any links you may have purchased from a link farm are now hurting your search engine page rank.

How can you build high quality back links from reputable websites?  Well, here’s where social media comes in.  Social media websites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest are some of the highest ranking websites in the world (Facebook is #2 after Google and Google+).  High quality, easily readable content and videos posted on the blog on your website–and then posted on your social media assets and linked back to the content on your website–will build the high quality back links you need.

A blog is an easy and quick way to deliver new and interesting content.  You may think “blogging” is for housewives or fashionista’s, but some of the highest read sites, like Huffington Post, are blogs.  And blogs have features that make it easy to add relevant keywords and phrases which people search to find products and services just like yours.

Posting a link from an article on your blog to social media will give you a link from a high ranking site (Facebook, LinkedIn, or G+) to your own website.  But there is even more benefit than “just a link” …

Social Media and SEO

Google+ – This website has two-in-one benefits.  It’s a search engine and a social media website.  In my opinion, this is the social media site that gives a website the most traction.

  • Any time a link is posted on Google+, the search engine part of Google immediately goes through and searches the website on the other side of the link.  This gives Google a new stockpile of information to push out to searches.
  • Google favors it’s own assets, so posts from Google+ will rank higher in the search engines.
  • When someone is signed into a Google account, like Gmail or YouTube, the Google search engine will favor and push out a Google+ post over all other search engine results.

Facebook – Facebook and Bing are now partners and are integrated across both sites.  So the search engine inside of Facebook is Bing, and Bing serves up Facebook posts in its search engine offerings.  A well written and optimized post on Facebook with a link back to your website will be favored by Bing.  Bing will push those search engine results in front of others because it favors its own assets.

LinkedIn – This social media asset was built with the search engines in mind.  LinkedIn’s job is to promote you and your business and get you found by the search engines.  So a post on LinkedIn with a link back to your website is SEO gold.

Underneath all of this social media and SEO maneuvering is high quality content.  Use your blog to inform and educate about your product, the benefit of using your services, and your company values.  Consistently market these articles and posts to social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, and your website traffic will grow.

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