7 Tips for Successful Email Marketing


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Mobile devices are changing the way email marketing is done.

Email Marketing can be amazingly affordable and get you a large return on your investment IF done correctly. According to Marketing Sherpa, an independent email marketing research firm, “B2C marketers report an average 256% return on investment from email marketing.”  That is, the companies responding to their research poll pulled in $256 for every $1 spent on email marketing!

Due to the rise of smart-phones and mobile devices, the way we look at email marketing is very different from a few years ago. Your email marketing must adapt to reflect this. It’s estimated that at least 50% of all emails are opened on some type of mobile device, smart-phone or tablet. In some cases, I’ve seen a 73% mobile open rate.

7 tips to make sure your Email Marketing can be read on all devices

Subject Line Comes First

The subject line is the first thing your reader will look at. It will have a big effect on whether they will actually open the email or not. One important aspect to consider is the length of your subject line. Long subject lines will get cut off.  Character limits vary depending on the email app but are usually around 30 to 50 characters. Don’t let the important stuff get cut off. Make sure your subject line is short, sweet and to the point.

Catch their attention

The most successful subject lines are descriptive and give the reader a reason to look into the email. Personal messages are usually very successful. Phrases like Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary usually have high open rates, especially when it is the readers birthday or anniversary. Timely news emails about an organization or product are usually received well.

Understand Your Audience

Based on your business, you have a rough idea of whom you’re trying to reach. After you’ve sent a few emails, tweak them using your analytics. These numbers will let you know who is opening your emails, and  which links they’re clicking on.

It’s a good idea to check analytics often. This will help you to understand what the most effective messages are, when people are looking at your emails, and of course, the all important click-through rate. By using analytics to understand your audience, you can really fine tune your message.

Know What It Will Look Like

It doesn’t matter how great the content of your email is if the design makes it hard to read, especially on smart-phones and tablets. When you design the look of your email, take into account the difference between the size of mobile and desk top screens. What looks beautiful on an 11 or 18 or 27 inch screen can be unreadable on a smart-phone.

3rd party email marketing services, like MailChimp, have mobile responsive templates that you can customize for your business. A responsive email will “sense” the size of the screen the email is being viewed on and adjust accordingly. For smart-phones,  the text will enlarge, and the email will ”break apart” and stack up underneath each other. On desktops,  your email will still look like a traditional email.

If you decide to create a custom template, do a healthy amount of testing to make sure everything is readable and can pass through spam filters.

Make It Easy For Everyone

Viewing emails on desktop machines and smart-phones are two completely different experiences, and not just when it comes to looks. Using a mouse makes navigation easy and clicking with precision is no problem. On a smart-phone, navigation is challenging, and they can’t click with the same accuracy with their fingers. Anything click-able should be of a sufficient size, and spaced far enough away from other links to avoid frustration. Use buttons to make clicking links easier on smartphones and desktops.

Don’t Forget About Timing

A lot of people don’t realize that day and time you send your mailings can make a difference between a so-so click through rate and an awesome one. It’s another reason to check your analytics. Try a few different times and see what gets your the best response.

Avoid The Spam Box

The kiss of death for any email marketing campaign is the dreaded spam box. You can always test before sending with MailChimp’s Inbox Inspector. A quick note: if the email has a lot of links, it’s more likely to get flagged as spam.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Email campaigns can be extremely successful. But in the beginning, your open and click-through rates  may be low. If you’re persistent and offer quality content, you’ll have success.

All in all, email marketing is a great low-cost way to get your message out there. How has email marketing worked for you? Please, leave any tips, ideas, questions or comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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